Monday, January 5, 2015

Penny's Skills

Since Penny is around 5 years old (we can't be sure as she was a shelter dog, now she's a spoiled pup) we figured she had at least a little training. She is house broke (wonderful), but she has no idea what to do on a leash. We also tried to get her to sit, stay, and others, but it all seemed to fall on deaf ears. She had no idea what was going on, but okay let's play!

Since it's a pretty easy one, we decided to start with sit. She caught on very fast. She was sitting well in just a few minutes. The next day took some reminding, but later in that day when we tried again she had it down. From then on she sits on command. Well, she would for Jolena and I, but Cody still has some trouble getting her to listen to him. I think she feels she is higher on pecking order then he is.
Her First SIT!
Since she picked up quickly on sit, Jolena started working with stay and BAM she had that down in minutes. I started working with Down, as in lay down and she does well with that too. It's nice working with a dog that's not really a puppy. She pays attention and really wants to learn. You can see it in her eyes when you give a command.

Sitting for Cody

We recently started working with UP, to get her to stand up on her hind legs. Still learning that one as she wants to sit, but she's coming along.

Another issue we, or I, had with her at first was she would run past me while I was walking up or down the stairs. This worried me. I thought she could trip someone pretty easily. So for a full day every time I would walk up or down the stairs I would put my hand in front of her and say NO. It only took that one day, now she will not pass me on the stairs at all.

Goofy Look on her Face (Had to add this one)
I have pulled the leash out a couple of times over the past two weeks as well. Unfortunately, it has rained or has been really wet since she came to live with us. We haven't had much of a chance to get out and walk around much. She seemed better the last time, but it's hard to tell.

Penny still doesn't really like going for rides in the car. I think it may be because she was moved around so much, but who really knows. She still shivers in the car and doesn't really like getting in at all.

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