Saturday, January 3, 2015

Penny's New Toys

Penny arrived in our home the week of Christmas, so I had to make a quick shopping trip to get her and the cat's some gifts. The cat's are usually fine with the boxes and wrapping paper, so they are pretty easy. I went to several places and finally made my way to PetSmart. There I found a throw blanket that I thought Jolena would like, so I bought one for her and a few gifts for the dog.
Christmas morning we all opened our gifts and lounged around watching Christmas movies. The blanket I got for Jolena was very soft. On one side it has a little scene with a home, cat and a dog. Above that it has a little proverb, A house in not a home without a pet, written on it.
Jolena's Blanket from PetSmart
Jolena seemed to like it and placed it on the back of the couch. Penny also liked it as well. As we were playing she tried to pull the blanket off the back of the couch on several occasions. It was kind of cute. She would bite the blanket and pull it to the floor. She wouldn't chew on it, just pull it down and lay on it. It was kind of cute, but we corrected her behavior and went back to playing with her new toys.
Penny & Her Toys
We played a few hours and finally started chilling out in front of the TV. If there's something we do really well, it's sit in front of a television. We are experts that cannot be rivaled. Penny was enjoying her new toys killing those damn squeakers and shaking them to death.

Suddenly we realized it was pretty quiet and Penny was nowhere to be found. We called for her and she came running down the stairs to see what was up.
No biggie, I was just chilling upstairs. Nothing to see.
Well, with such a guilty look on her face and a floor that was now surprisingly void of dog toys we decided to see what she was up to. Of course she beat us up the stairs (now she knows to stay behind us) and we heard her jump into the bed.
I step into the bedroom, flip on the light switch, and found all of her missing toys. There she sat, like a person, in what she thought was her bed. She was as happy as can be. Now she has all her new toys right where she wants them. In HER bed.
Penny's Toys in Her Bed
(Don't judge, it was Christmas morning and we hadn't made the bed yet)
Uh-oh, I'm thinking this could turn into a problem. She seems to think that this is hers, which is very sweet, but also signs that she thinks she's the boss.

As a side note, as of my writing this it has been a week and she still sneaks toys in the bed. However, she does realize that she is not suppose to. She also will no longer get in the bed (at night) until she is invited. She's a very surprisingly smart dog.

Up Next ~ Follow Up on Blankets, then ~Sit & Stay~

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