Monday, January 5, 2015

Penny's New Blanket

In my last update I mentioned the blanket that Jolena received for Christmas that Penny had some interest in as well. Jolena liked it so much she went back to PetSmart and bought two more for gifts. She got one exactly like the one she got and another one that is purple. It has a quote on it saying, “Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet”. Granted some of those companions have fewer, but I get the gist. These are the Luv-A-Pet Holiday Blankets from PetSmart.
We set these two blankets in the bedroom while cleaning the house and doing whatever it is we do every day. Normally laundry, sweeping, vacuum, etc. A few hours go by and Cody comes down to ask us if we gave Penny “that blanket". Of course we had no idea what he was talking about so we all go up to investigate.
Blanket Still In Bag
We step into the bedroom and Penny is in the bed with HER new blanket. The bag is in the floor (Sorry, I didn't get pictures) is ripped open, the two straps and wrapping was removed and there Penny sat, on the bed with her blanket. 
Penny & HER New Blanket
She was so happy that she had her new blanket we didn’t have the heart to take it away. She didn’t bother the purple one at all. She hasn’t chewed on anything other than her toys, nor does she attempt to get into anything. That blanket on the other hand was hers. Penny doesn’t even chew on the blanket, but she does sleep on it.

I tried to move it a few days later. I was working in the office, so I put it in the chair that she sleeps in while I do my work. She didn’t like that placement either. 

This is her look of contempt. She was not happy with me for moving her blanket. Although, she did come over and play for a while anyhow.

So she took it back to the bed where it stays now.

I gave her a little help laying out
She love her blanket. She cuddles in it.

Next ~ Penny learning to sit, which she picked up very quickly.
To come:
Does she bark?
The opossum
Watching TV & Awkward Poses

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