Friday, January 2, 2015

Loss of Our Love November 2014

A little backstory about Penny and how she came to live with us is necessary, so that’s where we will start with what I like to call The Penny Files. November 20, 2014 our family was devastated when our beloved Rat Terrier Molly died. She was a young 13 and had finally lost her long grueling fight with cancer. I personally have never hurt like I did and still do from this tragic event in my life. I don’t think I will ever love anything like I loved her. I personally was struck with fits of sobbing sadness for weeks and still have moments of sadness that flood over and consume me like hot lava.
Molly During Her Last Few Months
While I could share all the wonderful stories of Molly, I feel I would like to hold those closer to me. Well, that and she was a very private lady that would not like me sharing all of her stories. Besides, this is The Penny Files, and trust me stories of Penny are much funnier and not as heartbreaking.
While we were attempting to deal with this enormous loss we realized that without a dog in the house it felt empty. There was no way we could fill the hole left in our hearts, but the great pain felt as if it could be patched (it could never be cured). The only way to feel that love; that fully encompassing completely unconditional dedicated love, is from a dog. People do not have the capacity to love like animals do. The saddest part is we can feel the love, but we can never actually reciprocate it fully.

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