Monday, January 5, 2015

Does Penny Bark?

The short of it, yes Penny can bark. Does she? No, not much really. We are working on our third week with Penny and I have only heard her bark twice. At first we thought that perhaps she had her voice box removed. She didn't whine, bark, or whimper.

Once while she was playing with Cody. It was loud, deep, and scared us both. I think it even scared Penny. Her bark is much bigger than she is.

The second time was when some guy had the nerve to deliver letters to our house. You know the type. They drive around in their little jeep looking cars, put letters and envelopes in mailboxes, and sometimes when they are feeling really obnoxious they even come to the door. Well, this fella had the absolute nerve to walk in the drive way toward the door. Penny did not like the looks of this fella at all. She let out one woof. It was deep and conveyed exactly what she wanted. That lowly trespasser stopped where he stood.

By that time I was already up and walking to the door, so he kept coming and delivered the packages. But, Penny was proud of herself and I kind of was too. At least we now know that she can bark and when she does it's scary as hell.

Now that she is comfortable she let's out grunts and sighs more than anything. When she's trying to get comfortable and coils up in a ball she will sigh very loud and long. Like she is annoyed at something or someone and wants us all to know.

This was a short one...

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